lindarthebard Lindar Kelleigh Greenwood

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Location Show map United States, California, Sunnyvale 
Real Name Lindar Kelleigh Greenwood
eMail [hidden]
GameDev Abilities
Game Design, Graphics / 2D Art, Composing, Sound Design
looping music, ambient music, punk, metal, folk, world, chiptune, character sprites (16x16 and 32x32), foley, voiceover, sfx


They/Them (or whatever non-binary pronoun), please.

Long time video game music fan, been writing music for imaginary games since age 14, would love to write music for real games.

I have experience with design documentation and some project management.

Recently started doodling with pixel art. No formal art background. Can work well with extremely limited palettes.

Amateur voice actor. No prior experience yet.

I'm a real composer/engineer with a fancy microphone and instruments and stuff who uses ProTools.

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