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Member since 5 years ago
Location Show map United Kingdom, Lavendon 
Real Name Ryan Shah
eMail [hidden]
Website http://kitatusstudios.co.uk
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Programming, Game Design, Composing
Professional Published Writer, Intermediate ActionScript knowledge, Basic Unity, Basic UE3, Intermediate CE3, Basic GameBryo, In


Hello! The name's Ryan. I'm a very creative and mischievous game designer for Kitatus Studios. I am a published professional writer, and I'm not too shy to sprinkle a sense of dark humour all over my work.

I've been creating small indie games for just over seven years. For the past years, I've been in education to turn these small games into professional, publishable games.

I make games because it's fun, it's challenging and it's a gateway to create a world of your own that people can get lost in. It makes me feel all... tingly knowing someone has gotten lost in a world that I've sat there and created. It's like a brain-boner.

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