Super Matt Damon Space Cannon Adventure


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JamBaconGameJam 10 One Weapon - Many Uses
Submitted2 years 10 months ago


In order to make it back from Mars, Matt Damon must use his knowledge of 19th-century naval weaponry. Use your cannon to shoot, move, and block asteroids. Why was Matt Damon on Mars? Why does he have a cannon? Since when are there so many asteroids between Earth and Mars? It is what is is (ain't nothin' gotta be nothin').

Project on github at -

Technology used

libgdx (with box2d)

inkscape (art)

gimp (art)

Audacity (sound effects)

Reaper (music)

Help / Controls

Left Arrow: Rotate Right

Right: Arrow: Rotate Left

Space: Charge/Shoot Cannon

Power ups can be collected via player contact, shooting, or hitting with explosion.

Tip: You can protect Matt Damon by using the cannon as a shield!

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User Notes
Average 7.14 5.29 7.00 6.57 7.14 6.43 6.00 8.86 7.71
scheibenkaes 6 6 5 5 4 6 7 8 7
Pietdagamer 8 4 10 8 10 8 8 10 10 Those sound effects are hilarious!
pythagean 8 6 8 7 7 6 6 7 7
machinemalfunction 9 4 6 5 6 7 4 10 8 Fucking. Incredible.
fil089 (Filipe Costa) 6 7 7 7 7 6 7 9 8 Use a cannon knockback to propel yourself through space... How do you people come out with things like that? And how in the name of heavens did you put Matt Damon on it? This whole thing is just for laughs, and I love it. The cannon is your only way of locomotion and your only weapon against meteorites and aliens. Theme, Check! There is no way to slowdown in space due to friction lack so you have to think when to shoot and where to. Great idea there and a very well executed one. Feeting soundtrack for a comedy and funny sound effects as well. Story and humor are what shine here and I don't need to tell why. Matt Damon in Space. It has become a clichê by now, but mouted on a 19 century cannon? Tell me where did you get that idea or what did you smoke to get there, because whatever it is I want it!
Adoankim 8 7 8 8 6 7 7 8 8
ThunderousEcho 5 3 5 6 10 5 3 10 6 Using arrow keys: -1 point. Violating copyright laws: +1 point. Newtonian physics: +1 point. 19th-century naval weaponry: +1 point. Cleverly getting rid of cannon projectiles without player noticing: +1 point. Being too easy: -1 point. Total: 2 points. Wait, no. Explosion sound effect: +4 points. Total: 6 points.


  • smitterson (2 years 10 months ago)

    It is actually a cannon/condom.....

  • mcdroid (2 years 10 months ago)

    And since when do space shuttles look like condoms? Mr Musk, please answer this!

  • Jupiter_Hadley (2 years 9 months ago)

    Nice little game. I included it in my Bacon Game Jam 10 compilation video series, if you would like to take a look :)

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