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JamBaconGameJam 10 One Weapon - Many Uses
Submitted2 years 10 months ago


You found an elementary gun! Take control of the elements to destroy all evil. This mythical gun allows you to generate all elements. Choose your element wisely!

  • Fire beats wind, loses from water.
  • Water beats fire, loses from earth.
  • Earth beats water, loses from thunder.
  • Thunder beats earth, loses from wind.
  • Wind beats thunder, loses from fire.

We intended to make the game challeging by limiting the amount of times you can switch mode on your gun. This would require the player to think ahead what mode it wants to use for a certain area of the level. As you can see we didn't implement the limited switching nor challenging levels due to time constrains.

Fun fact 1: We made our own level editor! We drew our level in paint (with predefined colors for each tile type, one pixel is one tile). We wrote a custom C++ program to load in the image and output a JSON-array. This can be loaded into our game. Too bad we suck at designing levels.

Fun fact 2: We had a bug where the camera would follow a random object in game. When it followed a red enemy (they follow you around) we noticed how smooth the camera would follow the player. The camera is now an invisible, invincible red enemy.

Fun fact 3: Only one dev was harmed during the development of this game! Mafn please get better soon :)

Fun fact 4: Fully developed in Linux! Our Git repo is actually kinda okay. Only tested on Chrome and Firefox. GitHub: "Excluding merges, 4 authors have pushed 72 commits to master and 78 commits to all branches. On master, 62 files have changed and there have been 12,757 additions and 0 deletions."

Technology used

JavaScript, 30 bags of thea, too little sleep and 5 extra pounds per person.

Help / Controls

ASDW for movement Left Click to shoot 1,2,3,4,5 to select an element.

Screenshots Click a screenshot to zoom


User Notes
Average 5.56 4.89 4.78 5.00 5.22 6.00
pythagean 8 5 8 7 5 8 Hitting huge amounts of lag, probably my computer though. Cool idea!
machinemalfunction 3 3 4 2 4 4 This game is pretty broken I'm afraid. Only one level works. Only one element works without crashing the game. And even when you get into that level and with that element, you can still kill everything super easily. Cool idea but poorly executed, sorry!
Ryno (Matias) 4 3 3 4 6 5
ThunderousEcho 3 2 3 6 5 5 Instant load time is nice, but there isn't much gameplay. It was also prone to freezing. Audio is okay.
smitterson 7 5 5 5 5 6
Adoankim 9 9 8 7 8 9
fil089 (Filipe Costa) 8 7 7 10 8 8 I could get where you were going with this idea, but I fail to see how these elements are suppose to function... A weapon that can shot bullets made of nature elements is a cool concept until you realize it needs to have the enviroment around them to be carefully made to create something a little more interesting than having simply diferent shot patterns. And there is where this game problems lies. Every weapon does damage to the enemies regardless of what element they are suppose to have. If I where to shot a fire enemy with fire, I should have screwd myself because this enemy should be immune to fire or have VERY HIGH resistance to it. And I can happily use the flamethrower against this enemy because my firerate will make sure that even fire will meltdown and die in the end... Per more absurd that it seens, it's happening here... Aside from that mechanic flaw, this game plays well, have an interesting concept, have an interesting tech behind it and is overall solid. Just that the ammo changing limit you guys planed or an ammo limit for each element could have made this game something more coherent.
PopoSensei 1 6 1 1 1 2 I liked the graphics, reminded me of Wings. But I don't think the game really worked in any way or form for me. Tried multiple times, but can't really get a hang of it. So can't really give good points, sorry.
fragileteeth 7 4 4 3 5 7 Too many particles on screen causes extreme lag. Occlusion culling could be really useful here. Gameplay felt a little lacking in terms of goals but was smooth and fun for a high score game!


  • Jupiter_Hadley (2 years 9 months ago)

    Cool concept! I included it in my Bacon Game Jam 10 compilation video series, if you would like to take a look :) https://youtu.be/J6a2kXbBxRo

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