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Theme and color will follow the main title I guess..

What I will do with the flow:

  • Making some test Scene for some type of game play that fit the name. (Maybe a game where bacon merge till it become something?)

  • Make some more Bacon!

  • ... Hungry?

Those who would like to join the team will do these:

  • Make a scene with a gameplay you think will be fun with the sprite, font and color from the Title scene.

  • Make some music!

  • Do more Bacon art!

Suggestion for gameplay:

  • A side scrolling bacon shooting something(?)

  • A bacon rolling around to gather more bacon?

  • A bacon adventure?

  • Some kind of game where you got a lot of Bacon, then with the mouse, you gather them up and tackle something on the scene?


Suggestion for art:

  • Use the three color in Title for bacon's color, and also the gray background

  • Imagination~

Suggestion for Music:

  • Soul-Hop preferred (Search Birocratic, sounds like beats + R&B, but.. I prefer the name soul-hop ;P)

+.. Any kind of music is fine~

  • With some jazz element would be cool~

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