A Kafka's life


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Submitted4 years ago


You are a roach, by the name of Kafka, trying to survive in the daunting tiled desert of Gregor's bathroom.

If you linger too long at any single spot, Gregor will overcome his apathy and start hunting you with the shower head. Additionally he seems to think its a good idea to throw poison at the wall, randomly, in an effort to be rid of your menacing presence.

Of course this constant threat of extinction creates a sizable appetite. Lucky for you the bathroom isn't quite as barren as it could be, and you can find mold growing in cracks and along objects attached to the wall.

Technology used

python, pygame, tiled, gimp, ms paint, audacity

Help / Controls

Move Kafka around with the cursor keys to eat the tasty mould that grows is the cracked tiles (marked blue). If you stay to long, Gregor will try to spray you down with the shower! But only the water from the shower will make the eaten funghi grow back. Avoid the green poison that Gregor sprays ocassionally.

Press space to play/pause/restart.

Unzip and run the binary (called game or a_kafkas_life).

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User Notes
Average 5.17 4.83 4.83 3.83 4.50 5.00 5.00 5.33
josefnpat (Seppi) 7 8 4 3 3 5 7 8
Ludius (Adam Waggoner) 3 4 4 4 5 5 5 4
opatut (Paul Bienkowski) 7 4 5 8 5 5 8 6 I hate Kafka :D
MrNeeDee 8 6 8 6 8 9 7 7
sithdown (Adrián) 4 5 4 1 4 4 2 4
lambinvoker (Justin Trotter ) 2 2 4 1 2 2 1 3


  • josefnpat (4 years ago)

    Very interesting game. The coloration on the bug itself made it hard to tell what you were supposed to do.

    Some more visual cues would probably help, but for the amount of time it took to make, a very interesting game!

  • Jupiter_Hadley (4 years ago)

    Interesting game, I am not sure what I really needed to do, but I included it in part 4 of my Bacon Jam compilation video series, if you want to check it out :) http://youtu.be/ml1MrPxgDPg

  • themad (4 years ago)

    We couldn't get our initial idea to work, so we started programming anew with only 12 hours to go. Although one of us got ill that day. Luckily we could use the finished art already done for the first idea.

  • mcdroid (4 years ago)

    I know the feeling... simple is also better

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