Here are some game development resources for you. Always make sure to check the licence!

If you have something to add, please tell us on IRC or send a quick email.

Other game jams

We are not the only ones. Go check out these game jams as well, they are all awesome (not as awesome as BaconGameJam, but still... good).

  • - once each year the whole world is jamming.
  • - probably one of the bigger gamedev communities, separated into a competition and a jam.
  • - one-week python game jam, usually twice per annum.


More things we like.

  • reddit - the awesome reddit community.
  • BaconGameJam subreddit - the most awesome subreddit. Our game jam was founded here.
  • gamedev subreddit - another great subreddit for all game developers.
  • Arch Linux - a "lightweight and flexible Linux® distribution that tries to Keep It Simple"
  • TIGSource - a community of independent game players and creators.