Team Doge VG Division for BaconGameJam 10

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Founded by CaptRATZ (Michael M.)


Top notch people making some smokin games, see yeah. We have a Facebook group, and will mostly use that to communicate and transfer files, so get on board with Facebook if you want in.

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The 9th Floor

Users in this team

CaptRATZ (Michael M.)
Game Design, Composing
Instrumental, Story-Design, Dialogue design, Voice Acting
shields42 (Thacher Shields)
Programming, Game Design, Graphics / 2D Art, Sound Design
thisismyname0 (Tsuki/Aryan Jha)
Programming, Graphics / 2D Art, Composing, Sound Design
Electronic/Experimental/Ambient music, Renoise, Paint.NET, Blender, Unity, C#, Javascript, Node.js,
Pooter (Peter Oertel )
Programming, Game Design, Graphics / 2D Art
Java, love, basic pixel graphics