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JamBaconGameJam 10 One Weapon - Many Uses
Submitted2 years 10 months ago


Weapon Of Math Destruction

Your Colony is in imminent danger from ruthless space pirates. There is only one hope. Calculus. Yeah, the very same. That deceiving extradimensional entity from Farplane. Do you have what it takes, to persuade him and save your Colony?

"Math, One Weapon with so many uses" Calculus, Almighty

Technology used

Unity 5, Visual Studio, Blender, Adobe Photoshop, Microphone, Audacity, Sequel 3, Pen and paper, Brain

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User Notes
Average 4.50 8.38 7.38 5.00 4.62 4.62 5.25 4.25 5.62
seanmoebeal (Sean Beal) 5 9 8 7 4 5 8 7 7
Adoankim 5 9 9 7 7 5 5 6 7
smitterson 6 7 7 6 6 6 5 5 7
lolfrad (Tomaž) 7 10 7 7 9 8 5 5 8
watermelonpizza 7 7 6 3 4 4 8 4 7 Math games, my only weakness. Interesting eye-sword thing. After failing a few times to guess the pattern I learned a few of the pre-defined ones and started to win them via memory of the known patterns, which I thought was interesting, it became less math and more pattern matching. So anyway, on to the review, if anything I feel this could be a mobile game as well, or something that could go on the DS. Controls and feedback for incorrect/correct answers were good. The voice has some interesting and humorous dialog, keeps things engaging, though maybe a few move voice options if you keep working on the game, they might get repetitive after a while.
pythagean 4 10 9 6 5 5 5 5 6
ThunderousEcho 1 9 7 3 1 3 5 1 1 Properties are arbitrary. This game just is one of chance. The main character looks really nice, though.
PopoSensei 1 6 6 1 1 1 1 1 2 I really liked the "bad-guy" and the graphics you managed to make in this game, also the music and sounds were pretty good too. Too bad those were the only things that this game had. Everything else is nonexistent. Choosing from a set of numbers is not really engaging and doing math is boring to most people. I enjoy it a lot, but I'm a weirdo.


  • fil089 (2 years 10 months ago)

    For some reason the game crashed on me as I was opening it. I can't give you guys a rating because of it.

  • Jupiter_Hadley (2 years 9 months ago)

    Quite creepy and challenging! I included it in my Bacon Game Jam 10 compilation video series, if you would like to take a look :) https://youtu.be/0FR7W_1_laI

  • ThunderousEcho (2 years 10 months ago)

    flipz, you said that the moving background of my game made you nauseous. If you're interested, I updated my game and added an option to turn it off.


  • filipz (2 years 10 months ago)

    Thanks for information. We uploaded youtube video for those, with the same problem. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLxRPQzBFps&feature=youtu.be

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