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JamBaconGameJam 10 One Weapon - Many Uses
Submitted2 years 10 months ago


You are dropped at a research site on a desolate planet. The scientists have disappeared-- due to the appearance of bizarre life-forms called "Elementals"-- beings made of pure elemental energy. Escape or rescue is unlikely, so stay alive as long as you can by using an experimental weapon that can exploit the enemies' weaknesses. But be careful- the gun is slow and clunky, and you'll have to plan ahead.

Screens: http://imgur.com/a/XoPRe

Technology used

Unreal Engine 4

Help / Controls


WASD - movement

Mouse - Aim/fire

Space - Jump

1-7 - Switch weapon mode

Tab - cycle weapon mode

Escape - Quit


Each enemy is strong and weak towards one element. Hit an enemy with an element it is strong against, and it'll absorb it-- becoming stronger! Hit them with an element they are weak against for double damage. Your weapon's element can only be switched every 30 seconds. Stay alive as long as you can!

Known Issues

Your HUD isn't properly reset after respawn, causing your Health and Current Element indicators to display incorrectly.

Screenshots Click a screenshot to zoom


User Notes
Average 3.86 5.29 3.71 4.86 3.29 4.86 4.29 4.86
machinemalfunction 4 8 2 4 6 4 3 5 Cool idea and could have been very fun if a bit more effort was put into user experience. The graphics are great but the whole thing falls short because of the darkness, the poor UI, the annoying sounds, and the shooting time. Good work for 48 hours but needs a lot more to be a decent game!
Ryno (Matias) 3 4 2 4 1 6 4 5
seanmoebeal (Sean Beal) 5 9 5 7 2 8 6 6
watermelonpizza 4 3 3 7 5 3 4 5 I love the idea for what you are going with here. Love any form of scifi with what could almost be magic. Strategic weapon game play (having the choose ahead of time the weapon due to the slow switch out time) is something that isn't done that much, usually it's just get the more powerful weapon, so I like the change. The execution is something that will need a bit of enhancement however. For a solo project you have done pretty well. Firstly, you definitely need to sort out the lightning problem. I practically can't see anything. I haven't used unreal engine, but I'm sure there is some global lightning setting somewhere. I would definitely turn that one up. If you are going to keep working on the game, which I personally think you should, here are some suggestions I have: Game play wise, I would definitely introduce the elements slowly over time, like a tutorial, but not obviously so. Blocks of text are the worst to encounter in games, especially in the FPS genre, so (however cliche it may be) maybe introduce the elements and at the same time find some enhancement to your weapon to combat those elements. Like an extended tutorial leading up to the full game. The black hole like element (I don't know what it is called sorry) is a sweet effect, but I'll be dammed if I only saw it because I ran into one. This comes down to the lightning problem I think though. The controls felt fine for an FPS as far as I could tell. The only problem I had was the unforgiving nature of the switch time for the gun. It's very slow, so as a game designer you would have to ensure the player knows exactly what they are getting into before they get into it, otherwise it will feel like the game is just unfair and lose attraction to playing it more. It isn't much of a game right now, but this has so much potential. I definitely think you should expand on it and keep working on the idea.
ThunderousEcho 1 3 4 1 1 1 1 1 Unduly large map, overly simple yet difficult gameplay.
fragileteeth 4 1 4 5 3 5 5 5
Adoankim 6 9 6 6 5 7 7 7


  • watermelonpizza (2 years 10 months ago)

    Need a decryption key for mega to download.

  • Jupiter_Hadley (2 years 9 months ago)

    Neat game! I included it in my Bacon Game Jam 10 compilation video series, if you would like to take a look :) https://youtu.be/0FR7W_1_laI

  • j0z (2 years 10 months ago)

    Hey! Sorry about that, I don't typically use Mega. I've updated the entry, and here's the direct link: https://mega.nz/#!N5wWkbCB!3nmf90jkKCwxwo8TR0J3Lsxv9lAeIh60npkPeEjquSg

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