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JamBaconGameJam 10 One Weapon - Many Uses
Submitted2 years 10 months ago



Did it while going on holiday on phones and tablets, about 22 man hours between the 3 of us :)

Many Punch Man is a fierce fighter, who through years of training is incapable of using his hands for delivering anything but devastating punches. Help him punch his way to getting ready for work, including such mighty opponents as:





Technology used

Pixly (sprites), caustic (audio), termux, KSWEB, PIXI.js, Matter.js, Howler.js for development

Help / Controls

Click to move, punch things but it's not finished.


User Notes
Average 6.22 6.11 4.67 4.33 6.56 4.78
Adoankim 8 9 7 5 8 7
ThunderousEcho 8 10 9 7 9 4 Couldn't leave the bedroom, but nice art, music, and concept!
psyomn 9 9 7 8 9 7
machinemalfunction 3 4 1 1 5 2 Damn it, I wish you had worked on this more. So funny. It reminds me of Slap Map:
ThrowTheControllr 8 5 1 2 6 3 I had no idea what to do, but after clicking for five minutes I managed to punch my clock and wardrobe. I assume I was supposed to punch the door as well? But nothing I did would let me through that cast iron door. Graphics and pretty and colorful, though! Well done on that.
PopoSensei 4 3 4 1 1 5 I think the camera is a bit too close for comfort. A little more distance and I think your graphics could be awesome. I think the music was ok, but where are other sounds? Would have liked a real punch! ;) Concept seems interesting, but needs a story and perhaps some humor.
smitterson 6 9 5 5 5 6 awesome music
fil089 (Filipe Costa) 7 1 5 5 8 5 You tried. But if your game barely works it becames very hard to give you a proper score. Let's try and brake down the parts you are asking for rating. Graphics: Your pixel art get through with what your trying to do. It has the lowest fidelity possible and is still reconizable. Well done here. Audio: It doesn't have any audio. Sound FX, Soundtrack, nothing. Sorry, but I can't judge what I don't have samples to compare. Innovation: Point and click. Have been done before but I don't see anything diferent here. On the other hand... Story and Humor: "Do everyday things by punching them" sounds like a stupid idea, but one that can crack many laughs if done properly. Though you couldn't show all you wanted (Story) you had a very neat idea to work with (Humor).
fragileteeth 3 5 3 5 8 4 I enjoyed the idea. However, I think the issues with actually being able to play it were disappointing, as was the satisfaction for actually punching things.


  • SpacemanToby (2 years 10 months ago)

    Well I liked the concept anyways.

  • Jupiter_Hadley (2 years 9 months ago)

    Good start! I included it in my Bacon Game Jam 10 compilation video series, if you would like to take a look :)

  • Rawin (2 years 10 months ago)

    I cant leave the bedroom :<

  • SpacemanToby (2 years 10 months ago)

    Well I liked the concept anyways.

  • WASDMagician (2 years 10 months ago)

    I punch the wardrobe and the alarm clock but I can't leave the bedroom.

  • tauroid (2 years 10 months ago)

    hey yep that's pretty much how finished it is.

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