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JamBaconGameJam 06 Rainbows
Submitted5 years ago


Violet is a basic 2D platformer where the player can turn colors on and off at will. There is also a story that develops as the game goes on, but it isn't very good. The game gradually introduces more colors to play with and, with these colors, greater difficulty.

To play, download and run the single time executable. Unfortunately it is only available for Windows.

I had a great time making this game and participating in this game jam. I warmly welcome all comments and criticism, but please know that if I had had more time I would have tried to improve the difficulty ramp, story and level variety.

Also, a huge, huge thank you to Svenstaro for letting me enter after I forgot to click participate before the deadline.

Update 11/01/13:

I've made a slightly updated version of the game. Some levels have been modified, a few have been added and one has been removed. You can download and play the updated version but for the sake of fairness please rate my game only based off the original version. You can also find a video of me playing through the updated version of the game, with some very basic commentary. Additionally, here is the story in plain text.

Technology used

GameMaker: Studio,
Adobe Photoshop CS6.

Help / Controls


W/Space/Up - Jump.
A/Left - Move left.
D/Right - Move right.
1/2/3/4/5 - Turn colors on or off. You can also Left Click on the rainbow.
Enter/Left Click - Restart level upon death, or continue to next level.


Backspace - Restart game.
Numpad 0 - Skip level.

The window can be resized but the default resolution (640x640) is recommended. Unfortunately there is no sound.

Screenshots Click a screenshot to zoom


User Notes
Average 8.00 7.89 7.33 8.11 6.67 6.78 8.00
frankbsad (Robert) 8 8 7 8 7 5 8
xFrostbite94 (Bob Rubbens) 8 8 8 7 6 8 8
Jyrkface (Rusty Hayes) 7 10 6 7 6 5 8 Really cool, well polished game. I loved the overall aesthetic, and the way you presented the storyline was very clean. I also really loved how you used the game mechanic as a metaphor in the story :)
psjoel2 (Joel Trum) 8 6 6 8 5 8 8
TJkoopa 7 6 7 7 5 5 6
foopy64 (James Miller) 7 8 8 9 6 6 8 One of the few games with an engaging story!
nyxkn 9 8 7 10 8 8 9
gloryfish (Jay) 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 Shows polish, did not encounter any technical issues, controls are extremely tight. Overall design shows a deft hand particularly within the constraints of a jam. My favorite jam game so far. Do a build with sound!
Rahazan (Guido) 8 7 7 7 7 6 7


  • psjoel2 (5 years ago)

    Congrats man! Really was a good game, and very impressive that you made so many levels all by yourself.

  • shuall (5 years ago)

    I really enjoyed that, the textures were glitching out on me but it only became a problem on the third orange level, I have no idea what is killing me.

  • managore (5 years ago)

    shuall, I would love to try and fix that bug. Could you tell me what OS you're running and explain (or take a screenshot of) what it's doing? The thing killing you on the third orange level would be an orange homing missile coming from the left.

  • uwould222 (5 years ago)

    Is it alright with you that I've started a mini let's play series on this game? It's really fun and overall really good. You did a good job on it.

  • managore (5 years ago)

    Of course! Feel free to post a link to it here once it's up.

  • psjoel2 (5 years ago)

    I became really curious about where you were going with the story, but the game got too hard to advance... Still a pretty cool game though.

  • managore (5 years ago)

    If you're interested, I've included a link to the story text in the description.

  • blaze756 (5 years ago)

    There is no Mac or Linux file so I can't play this game unless I play on my old crappy PC

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