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Rainbow is the symbol of the LGBT movement and Rainbow Rangers are a group of masked gay super heroes. They fight homophobia not with fists, but with the power of their love! A group of homophobes is trying to break into a local LGBT bar "The Rainbow". You must protect the bar at all cost!

Some tiles have been taken from Liberated Pixel Cup on the terms of GPL 3.0. The whole game is also GPL 3.0 licensed.

My website: http://tryglawstudio.eu

Technology used


Help / Controls

There are three pairs of Rainbow Rangers at your disposal. You select them by pressing keys 1, 2, 3. Pressing the key twice will focus the camera on the selected pair. Use the left mouse button to order the rangers to move. Drag with the right mouse button to move the camera. Press space for the rangers to kiss each other (this is represented with a rainbow icon). Kissing charges rangers' love energy meters, which allows them to run really fast. If any homophobe (the guys in black) passes rangers when they are kissing, he will start chasing them and will keep chasing until he losses the track of them. Use this to lure him away from the bar. You should try to guide him into another pair of kissing rangers before your love energy is depleted - that way he will start chasing the new pair instead. If a homophobe catches a ranger he will knock him out for a few seconds. Thankfully, homophobes have limited energy and they lose it during the chase (but regenerate when not chasing). If a homophobe is drained of all of his energy, he will give up and go home.

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User Notes
Average 4.58 6.42 5.75 5.33
TJkoopa 4 6 4 4
psjoel2 (Joel Trum) 4 6 3 5
TJDabs (TJ) 5 7 5 6
Broxxar 2 2 1 2 I don't think this worked well and is just a little bit offensive. Especially because you include humour in your feedback selection.
calibwam (Péter Gombos) 4 6 5 4
iverjo 5 7 6 6
nyxkn 3 1 7 4
foopy64 (James Miller) 4 7 8 6 Really strange concept, butt fun
managore (Daniel Linssen) 5 7 5 6 Really unique idea!
Jyrkface (Rusty Hayes) 6 9 7 7 Interesting game! I really like the idea of a game that uses a traditional beat-em-up structure and solves the situation through nonviolent means. I could see developing this mechanic into a more polished flash game, although I would be a careful about stereotypes when pursuing a larger audience :P
POQA_TJ (Tanner Johnson) 7 10 10 7 Very cool concept! The controls took some getting used to though, and a couple times I got into a situation where there was nothing to do and no more enemies spawning.
gloryfish (Jay) 6 9 8 7


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