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JamBaconGameJam 06 Rainbows
Submitted4 years ago


Since I wasn't able to participate using ImpactJs, I decided it was time to bundle the available Javascript libraries i liked the most in a tiddy package, that everyone could use in the future.

For the time being, I used this to create an "interactive" set of flash cards, using the pattern at to think about Sound Design In Games.

Technology used

HTML5, Javascript, WebGl, WebAudio

Help / Controls

Click to pass Flash Card.


User Notes
Average 5.57 4.43
Jyrkface (Rusty Hayes) 10 10 Awesome to see people using the jam to contribute tools! Very rainbowy sound, in my opinion ;)
gloryfish (Jay) 6 7
mcdroid (Laurent) 1 1 there is nothing
musicm122 (Terrance) 5 5 thanks for the resource.
nyxkn 5 1
sigveseb (Sigve Sebastian Farstad) 5 3 Not really a game per se, but still nice.
Robo_Chiz (Robert Chisholm) 7 4


  • Broxxar (4 years ago)

    I hear the music, but don't see anything when I open the index.html in chrome. Can you host this page somewhere rather than have people download a repo?

  • FelipeBudinich (4 years ago)

    Done, sorry, I had forgotten to create the github page.

  • FelipeBudinich (4 years ago)

    Aw man, I forgot about the cross domain policy thing on chrome. Gonna host it somewhere asap.

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