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Submitted4 years ago


In Rainbow 669, you play as an alien whose only shape is that of a square with rainbow colors. You are lost in space, and are supposedly the last of your kind. Depressed, you wander aimlessly in space, until one day you recieve a transmition that indicates that there are some survivors of your species, however they are all held captive by your mortal enemy, the madness. So it's up to you to shoot your way through the hordes of enemies as you try to find your friends!

Soundtrack available for free here: samoe.bandcamp.com

Technology used

GameMaker:Studio Standard

Help / Controls

W - move up S - move down SPACE - shoot

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User Notes
Average 4.71 3.57 8.00 3.43 3.86 3.43 5.29 5.57 5.14
efarhan 7 2 10 5 2 2 3 5 5 Dat music. It was intersting in the second level that you could not just shoot everything because of the black block. Next time, call your game Rainbow669, not Project7.
nyxkn 4 3 7 1 1 3 3 5 4
foopy64 (James Miller) 2 2 6 3 4 1 5 9 3 I went offscreen and won! When the boss appeared, I just stood there in the middle of the screen and mashed the spacebar.
Robo_Chiz (Robert Chisholm) 3 6 10 2 5 3 7 4 4 A good effort. It could of been improved with a health / lives system, and having enemies attack you from different angle.
POQA_TJ (Tanner Johnson) 5 3 8 3 5 3 7 5 6 Great audio!
musicm122 (Terrance) 5 5 8 5 5 5 5 5 7 I had fun once I looked at the controls and realized space was to shoot. Then it was fun albeit a bit easy.
varius (Bartosz Borowiecki) 7 4 7 5 5 7 7 6 7 Boss could be more chellanging, maybe it should shoot or something?


  • uwould222 (4 years ago)

    I was debating on keeping it in an installer, but last time people complained about that so I thought it would be better to just leave it as a .exe. I'll try to add in an installer.

  • varius (4 years ago)

    You shoud pack you exe with rar or somethinh. Many antiviruses (including mine) have problem with downloaded executable files.

  • musicm122 (4 years ago)

    Neat and functional, kinda wish I had the up,down keys instead. but meh. It was fun.

  • foopy64 (4 years ago)

    Please do not do installers! It's kinda annoying.

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