Rainbow Energy Harvest, In Space!


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JamBaconGameJam 06 Rainbows
Submitted4 years ago


The initial idea was to make energy collection + space battle, I planned it to be 7 energy types like the colors of the rainbow, each energy should give you a different weapon types, but I decided to trim it all down, because I figured I won't have the time to finish this up.

This is far from being a complete game, it's missing graphics, game design, sound, story and everything else. unfortunately I didn't have the full 48h to work on it, I think I could make more of with it if I had like a day more.

Although this very lame state of game, I decided to publish it, so i can get your feedback, for anyone who use Lua or Love i would very much love to hear also code reviews. As my description says, I'm very new to game development and also to Lua itself.

I used http://vrld.github.io/hump/ for camera! Too bad I didn't find out about it earlier.

Just try it, you might find it can be a little bit fun smashing into colored 2D balls with a spaceship.

Technology used


Help / Controls

press 'w' to fly, mouse to control direction the 'escape' key will open menu, then select with 'enter', arrow keys to move up and down the menu

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User Notes
Average 4.43 5.14 5.29 3.57
DarthTobiasLowe 5 6 3 4 0/10 put shrek in
varius (Bartosz Borowiecki) 5 7 8 5 Good start!
psjoel2 (Joel Trum) 3 3 3 3
pancakemetropolis 5 5 5 4
gloryfish (Jay) 5 8 6 6
nyxkn 5 5 5 1
HorizonShadow (Josh LeBlanc) 3 2 7 2 I'd love to give code feedback, but I just learned lua and love for this jam myself. You probably know more than I do >.>


  • gloryfish (4 years ago)

    Don't be discouraged, I failed my first jam. It's a great learning experience. :)

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