Castle Grayscale


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JamBaconGameJam 06 Rainbows
Submitted4 years ago


Climb Castle Grayscale and collect crystals to wield color magic.

"Just the right level of infuriating" - Ry Spears

Technology used

Game Maker Studio

Fonts by Dieter Steffmann and Enigma

Help / Controls

Gamepads are supported.

A and D to move left and right.

J to jump.

K to cast spells.

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User Notes
Average 7.71 7.43 7.00 7.43
frankbsad (Robert) 10 10 9 9
Kalishir (David Birchall) 9 6 8 8
efarhan 6 8 7 6 I didn't understand the fact I had to cast something to grab some other thing.
nyxkn 4 7 4 5 Really hard to play but I liked the idea.
Walerowicz (Cody Walerowicz) 8 8 8 8 Shit so Cash
elamre (Elmar) 8 4 7 8 Fun game. lacks menu and is kinda repetitive. Wouldv'e liked to see it a little bit more advanced.
procrastimancer (Michael Adams) 9 9 6 8 The frozen dudes need to blink or something before they unfreeze :D


  • frankbsad (4 years ago)

    Just so you know, this is my favorite game of the jam

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