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Submitted4 years ago


Ray of Light is a game that uses the power of the Sun, the fury of the Oceans, and the energy of Eclipses to harness the power of the Rainbow.

With 3 detailed talent trees to specialize into, the choices you make determine how you play the game. At the end of each tree are powerful abilities that unlock different game modes, with unique gameplay, art and music for each.

With the power of the sun at your fingertips, we hope you enjoy your experience with Ray of Light!

Technology used

XNA, XACT, Cubase, Silbelius, Reaper, Audacity, Adobe Creative Cloud: Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC (Microsoft Surface Pro 2)

Help / Controls

Point and click! You can't possibly lose :) Play with SOUND!!

  • Click on a Sun then a Cloud to generate Rainbow Power
  • Click on the Ocean repeatedly to generate extra Clouds
  • Collect falling rainbow multipliers to increase Rainbow Power generation
  • Spend Rainbow Power to Power Up!

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User Notes
Average 8.00 7.89 7.89 7.78 4.89 7.00 6.89 7.78
Silveryard (Sebastian Bischlager) 10 9 10 9 5 7 9 9 Really like it. Played it until i unlocked all, but due playing with the trackpad of my laptop it was really hard ;)
frankbsad (Robert) 4 7 6 5 5 5 5 4
foopy64 (James Miller) 8 8 7 9 5 7 4 8 The greatest moment for me was when I bought the upgrade that spawned clouds super fast. The music changed and the sky grew dark and I was like woaaahhhh
varius (Bartosz Borowiecki) 9 8 10 7 5 8 9 8 It would be great to have some kind of armaggedon mode, with all 3 end bonuses:) Great music!
xFrostbite94 (Bob Rubbens) 9 8 7 8 5 7 8 9
musicm122 (Terrance) 9 8 8 8 5 7 7 9 I played this for like 20 minute... I have no idea why this is so addictive.
psjoel2 (Joel Trum) 10 9 9 10 7 10 10 10 Only game I've given a 10 to out of probably 50 games. Great job!
Altourus (Nicholas Crook) 6 7 8 7 5 6 6 7
Robo_Chiz (Robert Chisholm) 7 7 6 7 2 6 4 6


  • POQA_TJ (4 years ago)

    By the way, this is really fun on a touchscreen device like a surface. Unfortunately it wasn't coded for it, but if you play keeping these things in mind it works well:

    • Most 'clicks' happen when the button is released, so releasing your finger is the important part of the tap.
    • In the upgrades menu, hold your finger over an upgrade to read the text on what it does. Release while over an upgrade to purchase it.
  • frankbsad (4 years ago)

    how do you lose?

  • foopy64 (4 years ago)

    good god man, 70 MB?

  • POQA_TJ (4 years ago)

    @frankbsad: There are no lose conditions.

    @foopy64: Mostly audio - we've got some different BGM that plays depending on what end-game mode you're in. We definitely could've optimized better, but ran out of time.

  • foopy64 (4 years ago)

    After playing the game, I can definitely see why, great game!

  • psjoel2 (4 years ago)

    I've played most of the games and this is probably my favorite. Awesome game!

  • PoQA_OD (4 years ago)

    @psjoel2: Glad to hear that. Also we have a video of me showing off the game and some of the late game. Feel free to check it out! http://www.twitch.tv/odtray/b/474177347

  • POQA_TJ (4 years ago)

    Thank you very much to everyone who played! We're thinking of making a touch version for Surface/iOS!

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